The Story

Hey babe! First and foremost, THANK YOU for being here! I really appreciate the love. My name is Vanessa and I am a 30 something year old boymom, furmom and health + wellness coach. After leaving my paralegal career, I lost myself for a bit. I was so used to the constant hustle and bustle that being home really took a toll on my physical (and mental) health. In 2019, I partnered with Beachbody and found this whole new world of love and support for myself and from women all over the world. It was SO empowering! So I began coaching and created my team, "Fierce Collective."

I am obsessed with statement shirts so decided to launch some on my own! Which brings you here to Fierce Collective Apparel. 

Each tee is inspired by a female in my life, whether past or present, and therefore is named after each badass accordingly. 

Because who run the world? GIRLS! 


Señorita Gainz 

Señorita Gainz is a workout line that I started with my boyfriend. He created Señor Gainz so of course my first question was, what about the women? It's meant for all the gym lovers, barbell pushers and dumbbell slingers out there!